Copped that new Weird Al because why not

I haven’t listened to a Weird Al album since Running With Scissors


Michael Nesmith and the Second National Band | In The Afternoon


trying to figure out someone else’s shower




Now let me introduce you to this new misogynist invention. It’s called “Frauenparkplätze" (Women parking places) and they are special places for women at the entrance of the parking. They are for women because it’s simple to go there (you don’t even have to turn around, you just enter in). Because you know, it’s because of DNA that women can’t use cars. It’s science.

I don’t know if this is specific to Germany but in any case I’m gonna find the guy who invented this and he’s gonna see how fucked up his vision of womanhood is.

Maybe they are at the entrance where the security cameras are, and it is much easier to prevent them from getting rape. I mean if you park at the far dark corner, who is gonna see you if someone assaults you? Having said that go fuck yourself you fucking piece of shit.

Exactly this. Frauenparkplätze are the parking spots nearest the exits and they are always well lit and directly in view of the security cameras. OP can go sit on a chainsaw. Blocking them, too; I don’t feel like ever reading such shit again.